Alberta Mennega Stichting

address: J.F. Kennedylaan 20, 3981 GC Bunnik | email: AlbertaMennegaStichting@gmail.com |

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Applications will be considered three times a year.
1: deadline April 1st , will be considered early May.
2: deadline August 1st , will be considered early September
3: deadline December 1st , will be considered before the end of December.

Applications can be submitted electronically to the email address mentioned above.
When available, a detailed research proposal may be sent in separately.

Application forms can be downloaded:
Grant request form.docx

After meeting to discuss the applications, all applicants will be informed in person by the secretary of
the Board. Payments will be made on receipt of a financial disclosure accompanied by (copies of)
relevant receipts.
If a report or publication ensue as a result of the activity, mention of this bursary in the report or
publication will be appreciated.

Grants not claimed within two years from the date of award will be deemed null and void.

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